Why Mid Atlantic Feline Thyroid Center?

Mid Atlantic Feline Thyroid Center is the only radioiodine treatment center in the region that is operated by a board certified feline specialist. What does this mean to you and your cat? All we do is cats. We love geriatric cats especially! This is not a business for us – this is a passion to take care of YOUR cat and provide a cure for a chronic disease. We understand the bond you have with your cat, and want to help you maintain the best possible relationship with your cat. Radioactive iodine treatment cures hyperthyroidism, eliminating the need to medicate your family friend daily for the rest of her life. No one likes to give a cat medicine!

We established this facility with one thing in mind, and that is the comfort of your cat during his or her stay, and your peace of mind while he or she is away from home. Did you know that cats are soothed by the color purple? We do! Our walls are purple for our patients. We have soothing cat music playing, and Feliway plug ins to create a relaxed atmosphere. Our treatment enclosures have separate places to rest, eat, and have alone time. Our staff is Fear Free ™ certified, because we actually do love cats. You’ll be able to peek in on your cats via your personal camera and see how things are going. We even play pet movies on the HD tv every evening. You might even want to spend a few nights with us, too.

Renee Rucinsky, DVM, Dipl., ABVP (Feline Specialty) and Dawn Brownlee-Tomasso, RVT are partners in operating Mid Atlantic Feline Thyroid Center (MAFTC). Dr. Rucinsky is board certified in feline medicine by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, and contributed to the AAFP Guidelines for the Management of Feline Hyperthyroidism and Feline-Friendly Nursing Care, the AAHA Diabetes Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats, and the AAHA/AAFP Fluid Therapy Guidelines for Dogs and Cats, and is now the Radiation Safety Officer for MAFTC. Dr. Rucinsky is Fear Free (™) Certified, and is a published author on feline hyperthyroidism. She is a frequent lecturer on all things cat, but especially on feline endocrinology and management of complex feline geriatric problems.

Dawn Brownlee-Tomasso  is a Registered Veterinary Technician focused on feline-only medicine for the past 20 years. Dawn graduated from Camden County College with a degree in veterinary technology, and has a special gift in feline nursing and geriatric care. She contributed to the AAFP Feline-Friendly Nursing Care Guidelines and is a Fear Free Elite Level Professional, and will be your cat’s primary caregiver while at MAFTC.

Stephanie Reed, our Client Services Manager, is a Registered Veterinary Technician graduating from Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Medical Technology. She has had a feline focus for many years, and we are happy to have her as your source of information and guidance through your cat’s treatment.

Our personal and professional goal is to provide an outstanding facility for cats receiving radioiodine treatment, where they could enjoy their stay as stress-free as possible. Mid Atlantic Feline Thyroid Center was built specifically with the cat’s safety and well-being in mind. Calming colors, comfortable living quarters, cat television, and relaxing cat music are part of what makes us special. We love that we are able to treat your feline family member the way we would want ours treated, in a safe and sound environment. Cats are unique creatures and we wouldn’t want it any other way