What Payments Are Accepted?

We accept major credit cards and cash. Non refundable deposits are required one week prior to the treatment date.

Information For Referring Vets

We’re not just here for your patients, we’re here for you, too. Our collaboration with you doesn’t end when you refer a cat to us – it’s just the beginning. Consider us an ongoing resource for help with your senior kitties. We are partners in caring, and want to help you make the best decisions possible for your patients. You’ve just added a board certified feline specialist to your team.

What Do I Bring With My Cat?

We will provide all meals for your cat, but if there is something special that he or she likes, please bring it along. You are welcome to bring a small item that smells like home (think t-shirt or pillow case), but know that anything you bring will not be returned.

What If My Cat Takes Other Medications?

Please discuss this when you make your appointment – we will be able to accommodate most medication routines.

Does This Really Work? It Seems Too Good to Be True.

This is a proven cure for over 99% of cats. It is the gold standard for treatment of hyperthyroid cats, and is recommended by veterinary endocrinologists and feline specialists.

Radioactive Material Just Seems Dangerous.

I131 treatment is a proven, safe, effective treatment. With some common sense precautions, the risk to humans and other pets in the household after treatment is minimal. You could expect to have more radioactivity exposure on a long flight.

Won’t My Cat Miss Me?

Of course your cat will miss you, but probably not as much as you will miss him. It’s a relatively short stay, and the accommodations are comfy. We have cat calming colors and music, relaxing Feliway diffusers, and HD cat videos. We will spend as much quality time with your cat as is safe for our staff. This is a spa visit that isn’t just relaxing, but is a cure for your cat’s disease.

For cats who are extreme homebodies that may have extra anxiety being away for this treatment, we can help come up with a plan with you and your regular veterinarian to ensure that the time away from home is as stress free as possible.